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Get Reviews, Convert Leads, Message Customers, Get Paid - All In One Place!


Turn Visitors Into Customers

Convert website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google visitors into customers. Engage visitors immediately with live chat, or save time by auto-responding with our AI chatbot.


Deliver Amazing Experiences

See your customers return again and again. Launch automated customer follow-up, AI driven conversations, and messages routed to exactly the right team member.


Get Others Talking About You

Empower your customers to tell their friends about you, show prospects the value you provide, and make it all happen on auto-pilot.

All the tools you need, in one place.

Make customer interaction a breeze and show your customers they matter!



Connect with leads and customers using text, email, phone calls, live chat, bulk messaging, Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs..

Reviews / Reputation Management

Get your customers talking about you and show potential new customers the amazing value you offer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

See conversation history, collect important information, and move customers through your sales pipelines and automations. all from one place.

Invoicing and Payment Processing

Send customized invoices, allow customer to pay with their phones, and track it all in one report. PowerMyBiz integrates with your Paypal and Stripe accounts.

...and there's even more...


Website Chat Widget

Set up an intro message, customize your avatar, and enable a chat bubble on your site.  Encourage visitors to ask a question or take action. Welcome returning visitors with a customized message meant just for them.


Call Tracking

The PowerMyBiz call tracking feature allows you to see exactly how many calls your campaigns are generating. With advanced reporting, track which campaigns and landing pages are driving the most calls and optimize your efforts accordingly.


Missed Call Text Back

Today's customers prefer to text instead of calling. They only call you because that's the only option you offer. Convert calls to text conversations by combining AI and auto-response to missed calls. It works so good, businesses consider never answering the phone again!


Voicemail Drop

Leave a pre-recorded message in a contact's voicemail, without having to call them first! Whether it's for a follow-up or Thank You message, or you're tired of getting shut down before you've even said why you're calling, voicemail drops ensure your message gets heard.


Power Dialer

Automatically cue up calls to hot leads, and trigger the calls to happen when you're ready. See contact history before the call and show the customer you care about their needs.

Are you missing out on opportunities because you didn't see the message come into your inbox?


Unified Inbox Messaging -

Communicate with customers and leads

in one app, no matter where they message you from!

Your customers likely already message you from multiple channels... Facebook, Instagram, Google, web chat, texts, emails, phone calls, and more... but if you're not responding within five minutes, they're already looking for someone else. We call that the "fast five".

But just imagine...

Now you can respond and carry on the conversation from one inbox, in one app, no matter where they message you from. No more switching apps, missing messages, or letting a potential customer slip away. You can even automate replies to common questions, use AI to book appointments, or direct the message to the right team member, instantly! As an added touch, put a chat widget on your website and offer support while they're right there, checking out your services. Don't worry... you can automate it all.


Reviews / Reputation Management -

Automate your online reviews and show new customers why they should choose you!

Customers don't just simply trust you at first glance. They want to hear from others.

Show up more in Google search, be the top pick in Google Maps, and attract tons of new customers, by showing the value you provide with customer reviews.

Send review requests to recent customers using text, email or both, respond to and interact with reviewers, and manage it all from a single place.

Combine the power of our automation tools (workflows), custom email templates, and the perfect landing page, to address negative comments before they end up on your Google and Facebook reviews!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -

Know your customers better and make informed decisions

There's nothing worse than having a customer walk out your door and not having a way to reach them again, or any idea what products or services they'd be interested in.

It doesn't have to be that way...

Imagine jumping into a contact record and finding everything you've ask them to share with you, records of all calls and digital messages, appointment history, and tasks your team has completed, in one spot!

Collect ANY information you desire, to personalize messages, web pages, and your services, to your customers' needs, with unlimited custom fields. Easily import existing leads and customers from almost any source and make client communication a breeze! Tie everything into your automation workflows, websites, and landing pages. Get to know your customers better and deliver more of what they want!


Invoicing and Payment Processing -

Get paid faster than ever

Collecting payments isn’t anyone’s favourite job. Chasing customers for missed payments is even worse!

Our invoicing features allow you to customize the look and feel of your invoices, send invoices for products, services, subscriptions, and more, and with workflows you can automate reminders and other follow-up.

Make paying as quick and convenient as possible for your customers with a secure payment link delivered right to their phone.

Need more?

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  • Workflows & Triggers

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  • Forms & Surveys

  • Opportunities & Pipelines

  • Email & SMS Marketing

  • Calendars & Appointment Bookings

  • Social Media Management

  • Reporting & Analytics

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